Michausdal Houses

Young Women’s Project

Cradock is a regional centre which provides valued education for many towns and villages in the local area which do not have their own High School. And a hostel accommodates over a hundred young people who live too far away for a daily commute.

Nomonde was shocked to discover that the reason young women from the hostel were skipping school for several days each month was because they could not afford basic sanitary products and were too embarrassed to attend school during their periods. She and other colleagues have launched a project to provide menstrual pads for free so these young people can complete their education. They have been paying as much as possible out of their own pockets and know that they can support many more with your donation. And any extra funds will provide items like soap and deodorant for the yound women and boys too.

As an example:

  • $10 US will provide one woman with sanitary pads for 3 months.

At the same time as providing these sanitary needs, this project creates an opening for emotional and spiritual support at this formative age of entering adulthood, and also enrolls other adults in the community in supporting them.

To donate to Nomonde’s Community Development Projects via the Calata Foundation click here
Nomonde (rear centre right) with a group of adults in the Lingelihle Community Center.